A Premium Service for Premium Returns

Assurance schemes (Red Tractor, Marks & Spencer, Arla Garden, McDonalds etc.) want you to produce a premium product by meeting specified standards in return for access to premium markets and better pay.

All members are expected to be 100% compliant all of the time. To make sure this happens, more stringent vetting is taking place along with the adoption of quarterly self reporting, unannounced inspections and even public reporting hotlines.

Losing accreditation can have a significant effect on farming businesses and mean the difference between profit and loss.

“With so much legislation, working with 4R Reassurance is a good way to keep up and show what we’re doing. It keeps us on our toes.”

Henry, Milton Keynes

Our Assurance Premium service is adapted to your individual farm and the specific assurance scheme that you want to join or are already a member of. We then work closely with you to make sure you maintain your accreditation going forward.

It includes the following;

  • Farm specific/Assurance scheme specific
  • Tailored Assurance Farm File
  • Enhanced assurance scheme specialist support (Arla Garden, M&S, McDonalds etc)
  • Red Tractor Pre audits
  • Attendance at farm inspections
  • Maintenance & Submission of online data

How Does it Work?

Some of the various Assurance Scheme requirements overlap, but each one also has its own individual specifics.

We therefore tailor our Assurance Premium service specifically to your scheme and your individual farm.

Our service includes;

  • 4 x farm visits per year
  • A farm specific, tailored Assurance Farm File
  • An Action Plan which we help you complete
  • Pre-Audit assessments
  • Support with uploading on line submissions
  • Year round support