The Complete Package

The Complete Package

Whole Farm Support

Farming really isn’t getting any easier. There are more rules, guidelines and regulations than ever before and more inspection bodies monitoring you to make sure you comply.

The HSE is having a push on farming with both scheduled and unannounced visits and if they find something wrong, they start charging for their time at a current rate of £157 per hour. This fee also applies if their visit is the result of an accident/injury which can also lead to a prosecution resulting in fines or even a custodial sentence.

Red Tractor are undertaking more visits, they too have started unannounced inspections and also set up a Hot Line number for members of the public to report what they see. If they find a significant breach they will start charging for their time and it could lead to a loss of assurance accreditation.

The EA can visit whenever they like and (again) start charging if they find something wrong. They also have the power to prosecute which again can lead to fines or even a custodial sentence.

The Rural Payments Agency (cross compliance) can give just 24 hours notice of an inspection and if they find something wrong can make reductions to your Basic Payment Scheme.

Trading Standards also have their say and the list goes on. The common theme here is that none of these can just be ignored.

How Does it Work?

Our Whole Farm Support service is a farm specific, tailored package covering;

  • Nutrient Management Planning Premium
  • Farm Health & Safety Premium
  • Assurance Premium

We work closely with you to produce your Complete Farm File which is kept on farm.

The ‘File’ is used as a source of information, guidance, training, record keeping and most importantly given to the assessor / inspector during a visit to demonstrate that you are doing everything you should be doing.

Throughout your membership you will receive up to 5 visits per year to provide on farm advice/training and also to keep the Farm File up to date.

“My Red Tractor inspection was over in no time – even the inspector commented on how good my Farm File was.”

Will, Gloucestershire