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What Our Customers Say

“It’s easy to take safety for granted, but without expert input from 4R Reassurance we would have left ourselves short and at risk.”

Simon, Dorset

“I see the work 4R Reassurance is doing as the way forward. They are at the forefront of compliance.”

Phil, Gloucestershire

“We started in a bit of a fog, but with our on-going 4R Reassurance action plan, we’re continuing to improve.”

Cat, Dorset

"I always find the service from 4R excellent, it makes my form filling, admin and compliance stress free. I can call the support team any time and am given help/advice in a multitude of areas. 4R have been very flexible, tailoring their service to my exact needs, even coming out and doing soil sampling themselves.”

Roger, Penrith

“It's not until we started looking at the mandatory requirements that you realise how exposed to risk the business has been. 4R Reassurance provide a full plan and process going forward to give us the ability to reduce risk and the comfort to run the business without that worry.”

Ian, Newport