Nutrient Management Planning

Nutrient Management Planning

NVZ & Farming Rules for Water

Nitrate Vulnerable Zone Regulations have been in place for over 20 years and affect approximately 58% of farmland in England.

The new Reduction and Prevention of Agricultural Diffuse Pollution (England) Regulations 2018 or ‘Farming Rules for Water’ are less well known.

Both of these sets of rules require more detailed planning and being able to justify what you did, when you did it and why you did it. Farm subsidies, grants and other support is reliant on proving your compliance with these regulations.

How the Regulations affect you;

  • Soil Analysis – all fields receiving manure or fertiliser must have analyses that are less than 5 years old at the time of application
  • Manure & Fertiliser Applications must not exceed the specified crop Nitrogen requirement
  • No more than 250kg of Nitrogen from organic manure (FYM, Biosolids, Digestate, Slurry etc) can be applied to any individual field
  • Field Risk Maps – Individual field maps are needed to identify spreading risks and field heap risks
  • Nutrient Management Plan – detailing and justifying where all manure and fertiliser will be spread on a field by field, crop by crop basis

How Does it Work?

Our Nutrient Management Planning—Premium is a service tailored to your individual farm.

We take account of your soil analysis, cropping plans, livestock numbers, manure and fertiliser spreading details, imported organics (e.g. biosolids, digestate) etc. marrying them all together to produce a bespoke Nutrient Management Plan so you know exactly what nutrients need to be applied to achieve maximum yields.

We visit you 3 times throughout the year to gather and update the information required for the NMP to ensure it is always up to date for your guidance and also ready for any inspection.

A detailed Nutrient Management Plan provides 3 key benefits;

  • Matches fertiliser applications to soil & crop nutrient requirements
  • Prevents over applications / waste
  • Fulfils all of your regulatory obligations

“The cost savings and efficiencies I’ve made were only possible by having a detailed Nutrient Management Plan.”

John, Gloucestershire